Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tomato Coconut Bisque

This simple, comforting soup combines the flavors of onion, garlic, tomato, and coconut. Fresh lime juice is added at the end. The soup is topped with a chiffonade* of basil, and served with additional lime alongside.

*To chiffonade herbs or green leafies: Stack or bunch the leaves together horizontally, then roll them up in a bundle. Thinly slice through the bundle vertically (with the knife perpendicular to your body), making thin shreds of green.


Deb said...

This looks so yummy! Is it the infamous watercourse soup?

Cherie Anderson said...

Beautiful picture!

Joy said...


This soup started as an attempt to copy Watercourse's Tomato Coconut Curry, but after I had theirs again...not so much.

Oddly, I like this one even better: no curry, just simple flavors.