Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Blog is Back!

...with a smallish addition, that is.

After a not-so-brief hiatus to have a baby and move to Los Angeles, I'm back in the kitchen, flour-sprinkled and fresh with inspiration for my upcoming cookbook. I'm now joined by my daughter, 14 pounds of absolute joy, and my favorite thing since her arrival this past November.

There's so much I look forward to sharing with you this Spring, so visit regularly to see what's cooking!


L.R. said...
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T. said...

Congratulations on your new arrival, the move, and getting back to blogging!

I was around for a few of your vegan brunches while you were still in Denver and have been watching the blog for months hoping for an update!

I'm so happy to see it back and am glad to see you and yours are all doing well.


Joy said...

Tiffany, glad to hear from you, and thanks for stopping by!

I do miss our brunches in Denver, and would love to pick them back up if I ever return. Until then, you'll probably see loads of brunch stuff here, as I'm madly nostalgic about it!


Celine said...

what a great blog you have! I'm happy to have stumbled upon it just now and will be looking forward to reading more.