Monday, April 07, 2008

Blood Orange Sorbet

There are scads of reasons to go ahead and get an ice cream maker. Among them, a scarlet-hued sorbet made simply from blood orange juice, agave nectar, water, and a toss of vodka.

And with hot weather nearing fast, the promise of icy goodness is an easy one: just shell out the $35 for a cheap machine or do a bit of searching at your local thrift store. You'll be rewarded with an endless array of perfect-for-Summer desserts.

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Doodleyboo said...

I know the joy of an ice cream maker -- I got one for Christmas. Now if only I could get my ice cream not to freeze as solid as ice in the freezer. Anyway, you should give "Vice Cream" a try if you can find it. There's some very nice recipes in there...