Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quick + Pancakes

Sometimes romance looks like this:

It's doing yoga for an hour while everyone makes pancakes downstairs. They try three ways of creating heart shapes from pancakes--in the end, using a cookie cutter on finished pancakes and feasting on the scraps is most successful--and you don't mind a bit that your one year old is slathered in chocolate batter.

Sometimes romance looks like this:

It's seeing the face of your favorite man in the face of your favorite girl, and knowing that a faceful of soy whip officially declares you the best mom ever.

And sometimes romance looks like this:

It's a refrigerator full of your favorite Kombucha, in rosy hues and flavors like candy. And knowing that life is sweeter in so many ways because of all the people you love.

Here's to a sweet Valentine's Day. Cheers!


Mihl said...

Your kid and the soyatoo pic really made me laugh. It's so cute.

Andrew Lovseth said...

I wish I looked so cute shoving soyatoo in my mouth!!!

lino creative said...

awww. what a sweet post!

bob wiseman said...

wow. you are brilliant, inspiring and brilliant. i'll be coming back to learn more.