Monday, November 02, 2009

Dia de los Muertos II

Si tu recuerdas el poste del ano pasado sobre Dia de los Muertos, sabes que me gusta celebrar con pasteles calaveras. Y porque my Spanish is really mas horrible que anything death-related, I will continue en Ingles...

This year, I hosted my favorite local vegan parents--and their kids--for drinks and little bites. Everyone brought something to share, and among the treats were a caramel chai apple pie, some fantastic chocolates, and cashew Chévre topped with muffaletta.

The cake is crafted in rolled fondant using the same technique as last year, and features shades of old lace and faded paint, piped in Victorian style. It's an homage to the 115-year-old Victorian house I live in, in all its odd beauty. From the Battenburg lace cap to the intricate piping, the details are as authentic as possible. I love the contrast of delicate pastels on a hard, angular skull. And while I'm sure Italian Cornmeal Cake wasn't a regular fixture in the 1800's party scene, I suspect it would've been embraced with gusto. Well, as much gusto as those prim Victorians could muster.

Below, a classic Victorian motif graces the skull's forehead. Piped in White Chocolate Buttercream, the designs were tinted with beets, tumeric, and spirulina.

I hope your celebrations are sweet and full of beauty, whatever incarnation they take!


Niki said...

Wow! You are brilliant, that is the coolest cake I have ever seen!

Erin said...

Your skull cake is beautiful!

Matt and Jess said...

I still look pregnant!

Joy said...

Thanks Niki and Erin, it was so much fun (hasty fun; I didn't have much time!) to make.

Jessica, you looked great, as always!