Saturday, January 16, 2010

Assistance for Haiti

Like all of you reading this, I am shocked and devastated at the horrible disaster which took place this week. For generations, Haiti has been a country in need of investment, development, and freedom, and in events like this, that need becomes apparent to the whole world. I spent a month in Haiti with a medical team in 2002, and can attest to what a remarkable country it is. The land is beautiful. The people are incredible, full of life and hope and strength.

And it is so trite to mention, but yes, the food is amazing.

There are numerous organizations focusing on Haiti right now, so please do give generously to larger ones like Doctors without Borders. For assistance that is specifically vegan, Food for Life is preparing to begin vegan food distribution in the next few days. (FFL does use dairy in some of its India projects, but no animal products will be used in the Haiti relief effort.) UK-based VegFam doesn't currently have a project in Haiti, but I expect they will soon. As a completely ethically vegan organization that devotes over 90% of funds directly to projects, VegFam is a great food-based relief program. To generate some revenue with vegan treats, see this info on putting together a vegan bake sale from Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

Also, Herbivore Clothing Company and Ink Brigade are currently offering a fundraiser selling I Love Haiti t-shirts for $15 + $3 shipping. All profits go to aid groups working in Haiti.

For information on donating to animal-based organizations, see this extensive post from easyvegan.

The greatest need will be for ongoing development beyond the scope of this disaster, so I'm making an appeal to give to an organization focused on the lasting prosperity of Haiti. Hospitals and schools will be in particular need of long-term help, so please consider donating to more local institutions like Haiti Water, providing safe water to Haitians, Hôpital Bon Samaritain, a great hospital I've volunteered at, or Sodopreca, the Dominican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Safety, freedom, and prosperity to the people of Haiti.

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Love Made Visible said...

Wow... thanks so much for this post. It's refreshing to read about these organizations.. a little glimmer of hope in the wake of a devastating tragedy. Some wonderful resources.. I plan to pass them on!