Monday, January 18, 2010

Raw Nachos

I will not call them rawchos. I will not call them rawchos. I will not call them rawchos.

I've been eating mostly fruit and greens lately, but changed pace for tonight's supper, a creamy, spicy, raw version of classic nachos. Here, Buckwheat Flax Crisps are topped with Nacho Cheddar Sauce, Taco Spiced Crumbles, guacamole, spinach, tomatoes, and green onions. Vary the vegetables or serve over fresh greens; the components are all really versatile. And if you don't want to dehydrate chips all day, or don't care if they're not raw, the toppings pair fantastically with regular corn chips.

Buckwheat Flax Crisps
about 4 dozen crisps
These chips are neutral in flavor, allowing for plenty of additions: stir in several tablespoons of herbs, some nutritional yeast, or vegetable pulp leftover from juicing. If you don't have a dehydrator, spread the mixture onto a silpat or other nonstick baking surface. Place in the oven on the "warm" setting, opening it occasionally to prevent the temperature from going too high.

3/4 cup raw buckwheat
1 carrot, cut roughly into chunks
1/2 red bell pepper, seeds and membranes removed
1 clove garlic
1 tablespoon fresh lemon or lime juice
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 cup flax seeds (I prefer golden, but brown is fine)

Soak buckwheat for 8 hours or overnight, and rinse in a strainer until the water runs clear. Set aside to drain.

In a food processor, combine carrot, red bell pepper, garlic, lemon or lime juice, sea salt. Add buckwheat, and continue processing until pasty and nearly smooth. Add flax seeds, and process briefly until combined. The flax seeds will remain whole, and that's as it should be.

Spread on non-stick sheets and dehydrate at 105 degrees F for 8-10 hours or until completely dry and crisp, turning once. Stored in an airtight container or plastic bag, the crisps will keep for several months.

Cashew Nacho Sauce
about 2 cups
This is a variation on the Sharp White Cheddar Sauce in Cook, Eat, Thrive. The key to this cheese is flax seeds, which lend a gooey, meltable texture. If you're making the sauce for someone with a nut allergy, hempseeds can easily be substituted for cashews.

1 cup raw cashews, soaked for 1 hour and drained
1/2 cup water
1/2 red bell pepper, seeds and membranes removed
1/4-1/2 (depending on the spiciness you prefer) jalapeno pepper, seeds and membranes removed
1 clove garlic
4 teaspoons raw tahini or untoasted sesame seeds
4 teaspoons nutritional yeast
1 1/2 teaspoons ground flax seeds
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon sea salt

In a blender, combine all ingredients, and blend until completely smooth. This will take several minutes; stop the machine as needed to scrape down the sides. Pour the mixture into a medium bowl and allow to rest for 15 minutes, where it will thicken slightly.

Use immediately, or pour into a glass jar and refrigerate for up to a week. The sauce will thicken on refrigeration, so gently re-warm it in a bain marie before using.

Taco Spiced Crumbles
1 1/2 cups
Try these minimally-processed crumbles instead of soy or gluten-based versions in your tacos, enchiladas, and salads.

1/2 cup raw walnuts
1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds (or additional sunflower seeds)
1/4 cup sundried tomatoes (about 2-3)
1 clove garlic
juice of 1 lime
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon paprika
several dashes cayenne (optional, for a bit of heat)

Soak walnuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds in water for 1-2 hours. Drain, rinse, and set aside to drain fully. Soak the sundried tomatoes for at least 30 minutes and up to 2 hours. Drain, and set aside.

In a food processor, combine soaked tomatoes, lime juice, garlic, sea salt, ground cumin, paprika, and cayenne, if using. Process until smooth, scraping down the sides as necessary. Add reserved walnuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, and continue processing until well combined; the texture should be crumbly, not too chunky, but not quite a paste. Transfer to a medium bowl and set aside until ready to use. The crumbles will keep 3-4 days in the refrigerator.

To assemble the Nachos:
Scatter a layer of Buckwheat Flax Crisps over a shallow platter, and top with Cashew Nacho Sauce and Taco Spiced Crumbles. Add whatever toppings you like: guacamole, diced tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, black olives, jalapeno slices, and wedges of lime alongside.

Eat immediately, as the crisps will soften when soaked with cheese. The perfect drink pairing? A guava-tinged kombucha sangria: in a large pitcher, stir together 1 bottle Pure Synergy Guava Goddess Kombucha, a quarter of a fresh pineapple, cut into 3/4" cubes, the juice of 1 lime, and a 750mL bottle of sparkling water. Sweeten to taste with agave nectar or evaporated cane juice, and enjoy!


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Wow, you've got a great blog with great recipes! Thank you for finding my blog and Im so glad I popped over here!

The raw nachos, the almond shortbread (that doesnt need to be dehydrated for days..yay!) and the vegan kid checkups...all are excellent posts!!! I am totally on board w/ extended nursing, alternative vax schedules, vegan kids, the whole crunchy mama ball of wax :)

Take care and I think you mentioned in the comment to me, you're also a yoga teacher, awesome! Me too!

Brandi said...

I am just starting to eat raw and these nacho's make it seem like it won't be so hard. While I am not seriously starting until somewhere around March/April, it gives me hope that it won't be too hard with great people like you to inspire me!!! I am hoping to blog some of the raw salads and wraps I have been making...Thanks for your lovely blog.

Joy said...

Thanks so much Averie, I'm really enjoying your blog too! I'm a yoga teacher also, and love all that stuff. Isn't it so energizing to eat this way?

Brandi, thank you--I hope you enjoy them, and I look forward to seeing what you're creating as well!

Harrisburg accident attorneys said...

awesome. great idea. :)