Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vegan Road Trip, Part V: Santa Fe

For the final bit of our road trip, we're in Santa Fe for little more than a day. It's the last chance to stop at Trader Joe's before returning to Colorado (Candy Cane Joey Joe's! Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats! Inexpensive bagged greens!), and we make time for two vegan-friendly eateries before the trip. It's all been incredibly fun, traveling with a toddler and eating vegan along the way and living out of suitcases for a month. I can't wait to do it again!

Posa's El Merendero
For vegan tamales, this is the place. The filling is simple: zucchini, squash, red pepper, green chile and corn, encased in a masa shell and steamed. If you order from the restaurant, try them smothered in red chile (it's vegan), along with the beans and rice, which are also free of animal products. Not in Santa Fe? They also ship. If you don't have vegan tamales locally, these are definitely worth trying.
vegan-friendly tamales
Plaza Santa Fe location
3538 Zafarano #A2, near Albertsons
The Factory & Restaurant location
1514 Rodeo Road

perfect vegetables at Gabriel's

This Santa Fe restaurant serves Northern Mexican food (called "Old Mexican" by New Mexicans), which is exactly what I want after several meals of Tex-Mex style smothered burritos and roadside stops. It's located in a large adobe hacienda, with plenty of seating for families and alcoves for couples. The margaritas are simple and excellent, and the tableside guacamole is a must, the perfect balance of lime tartness and jalapeno spice and fatty avocado. I'm really surprised by the Vegetarian Fajitas, because while the tofu is fairly typical, the vegetables are varied and perfectly cooked: lovely pattypan squashes, flawlessly grilled eggplant, sweet charred corn. The veggie tamales are vegan, and include nopales (cactus), one of my favorites. For a place that specializes in seafood and mole, this place does vegetables right.

the Vegetarian Tamale Plate, with lard-free beans and rice

vegan-friendly Mexican
4 Banana Ln
Santa Fe, NM 87503

While in New Mexico, I really wanted to try The Tree House, Santa Fe's vegetarian pastry cafe. After repeatedly driving past what we thought was their location, we gave up and went for tamales instead! I later learned they moved around the time of our visit, and their new location seems to be up and thriving. Next time!


Cherl said...

Oh! I'm so sorry you missed The Tree House! I was there about 10 months ago. The location is odd, it's inside a spa/yoga studio, so it's hard to tell there's a restaurant there. They have GREAT food. I had an amazing raw "cheesecake" that I'll never forget.
Love Santa Fe and the food!

dreaminitvegan said...

That tamale is loaded, it looks great!

Carissa said...

Nice blog--That food looks great! It's so easy to make mexican food vegan, I don't know why more places don't do it!