Sunday, March 06, 2011

Vegan for Lent

Introducing Vegan for Lent: A Guide to 40 Days of Plant Based Eating.

This e-book has everything you need to eat vegan for the Lenten season, including over 50 recipes, full menus for Sunday Feasts, ingredient guides, and daily scripture meditations.

Download and distribute it as you like; the guide is free and available to all. Just click here:

Special thanks to the amazing Ron Tienzo for his speedy and competent design skills. Imagine a tall Filipino hunched over a computer, doing page layout while wrangling a teething infant and letting a three-year-old smear him with food. This is my new standard for male hotness.

Thanks also to Art Heffron, for several beautiful food photographs featured in the guide.

If you're not up for eating vegan, but still want to shift your food habits, try the following to make a difference in your body and in our world:

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Lots more. Focus on adding greens, smoothies, and fresh fruit, and there won't be as much room for less desirable stuff. Your body will feel amazing, and it's easy to do: have a salad with dinner, add a green smoothie to your afternoon snack, or take a bunch of ripe bananas along to work.

Eat less meat. Skip the unsustainable free-range and grass-fed options, and simply consume less. Cows are the largest contributor to Co2 emissions, and every animal raised for food uses water and creates pollution. If everyone on the planet decreased their meat consumption by even one third, we would conserve a staggering amount of resources. And in a world where people die of famine, saving land and water could mean saving lives.

Give up dairy. Want to clear your skin, simplify your digestion, and prevent ear infections in your children? Quit the milk, yogurt, and cheese (or replace them with vegan versions), and you'll see a dramatic improvement in your health. And if you care about animals, giving up dairy is probably the kindest thing you can do.

2012 Update: The latest version of the guide is available here.


Anne said...

How wonderful! Thank you so much!

LittleHouseofVeggies said...

Great post! It will be really helpful for a lot of people1

Amy said...

This is so awesome, thanks! Most of my fb friends are vegan already, but I posted the link there anyway. :)

Lauren said...

I just read through the guide and I cannot wait to start cooking! The recipes look so yummy and easy! Thank you!

Dunc said...

Thank you so, so much! I was just searching around and googling "vegan for lent" and am so glad I stumbled upon this. I was veg for 2 years, stopped after becoming pregnant, and really wanted to find something that was a meaningful sacrifice for lent. Can't wait to try out the recipes, and how wonderful that it's free.

Chuck said...

As somebody who's normally omni but has enthusiastically embraced vegan for several lentan fasts, I adore this. Thank you so much!

Wendy Stewart said...

Thank you so much for this book! I will constantly refer to it during this Lenten season and will link back to it from my blog:

Lydia said...

How great that people are interested! I posted something quite similar to this on my page, but received two rather disappointing replies..

Carissa said...

Thanks for this post. I just posted it on facebook. I got one of my coworkers to give up meat for lent, so I gave her the link to your site as well :)

Connie said...

quick scrambled tofu with black beans and salsa was amazing! very excited for edamame pesto tonight. thanks so much for putting this together!

Fran said...

I am going vegan for lent, so thank you for this great post! :-)
In the next 40 days I'll be writing about my experiences here:

John M. Gilheany said...

I just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderfully thought-out and appealing venture.

About a decade ago, I was involved with a similar concept which attained a reasonable amount of momentum in the UK, as 'Veg4Lent'.

There wasn't much to speak of 'Stateside', so it's great to see an original and stylish enterprise taking off these days.

In case you're interested, there's quite a historical tradition to Lenten-veggie activity which I've written about in the Articles section of the Christian Vegetarian Society of the UK website, as well as in a chapter of my recently published book: 'Familiar Strangers: The Church and the Vegetarian Movement in Britain (1809-2009)'.

The Vegan Yogi said...

Wonderful Post! Thank you

John M. Gilheany said...

(ooops - shoulda been Christian Vegetarian Association of the UK:

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

What a great idea!

vincent said...


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Carissa said...

Can you pretty please stop by my blog and vote for me on PETA's sexiest veg next door? THANK YOU!!!

Mr.Thuong said...

How wonderful! Thank you so much!

Romi said...

Hi Joy,
my name is Romi and I'm from Germany. I know your blog from the podcast of VEGAN FREAK RADIO.
Sorry, but my English is not very well...but I want to thank you for your blog and your wonderful and delicious recipes!!
I've a blog, too...I have only just begun...and I will make a link to your blog.
Thank you!!

Romi said...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo,
wow, what a great idea. Just stumbled upon your blog, because I am thinking about going vegan for lent. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to download your guide. I appreciate this blog post is a bit old, but is the guide still available somewhere online?
Many thanks,

Joy said...

Bettina and everyone, you can get the latest version of the guide here:

As always, it's still free and available to download with one click!