Thursday, May 05, 2011

Celebrating Five Years of Veganjoy!

Z says yay for vegan babies!

Today, May 5, 2011, marks five years of veganjoy.

I want to thank all of you for following, reading, commenting, and sharing my recipes. Since this blog started, I've moved across the country and back again, eaten at more vegan restaurants than I can count, and written a cookbook. I've had two completely vegan pregnancies and begun raising two vegan children. I've made Sticky Toffee Puddings and Carrot Croquettes, Coconut Gelato and Kale Salad. Some years were more productive than others, but I'm really pleased to be here, celebrating five years with all of you.

And there's lots to celebrate this month.

My cookbook is back on Amazon, and will be available in major bookshops this September.

Check out my article on Santa Fe, New Mexico in this month's VegNews. I'm particularly glad to be a contributor following their commitment to use only vegan photography in the magazine.

To celebrate properly, this month will be Cake Month. I'll share some of my favorite cakes, give you a peek into my daughter's frog-themed birthday party, and show you how to build, frost, and decorate cakes for special occasions.

And my favorite thing: my Z (thriving exclusively on vegan breastmilk!) is six months old. He's sitting up, fervently trying to crawl, and absolutely in love with his big sister. Also, too interested in everything to sleep, so there's very little of that around here. But his deeply joyful spirit makes up for lack of rest, and his crazy hair keeps us laughing.

Auburn hair! Where did that come from?


Lana Joy said...

OMG, he is too cute! Congrats on five years, Joy! I'm sure I've been reading your blog for the good part of this half-decade. Question: so if I pre-ordered your book on amazon long ago, will I still get it without doing anything? Or do I need to cancel that and order again?


dreaminitvegan said...

Congrats on 5 years! That cake looks perfect!
Z is a cutie!!!

It's great to see you were vegan through your pregnancies you are a great role model for other women. I think some people change their diet during pregnancy using excuses about how impractical it is for them such as Natalie Portman .

Looking forward to your favorite cake recipes!

Oh and Happy Mother's Day!

Vegan ninja said...

Yei! for veganjoy, I love your blog and your generosity to share so many beautiful, tasty and awesome recipes. The enthusiasm for a vegan diet, and sharing fotos of your wonderful children. I have to say as dreaminitvegan said "you are a role model for other women" and men as well, at many levels.

Mihl said...

Congrats on everything! I cannot wait for your book. But I am probably repeating myself here. Great news!
Z has the cutest hair ever!

Maria said...

Just stumbled on your blog and got caught in by the gorgeous photos of your baby! Congratulations on 5 years of blogging, that's a fantastic milestone!

moonsword said...

Happy Anniversary! Your blog is fabulous...beautiful photography, excellent recipes and such helpful info. And adorable children too! :)

Joy said...

Thanks everyone!

Dreaminitvegan and vegan ninja, so kind of you. I was very fortunate to have great pregnancies. Staying vegan was easy (especially for my second, which was mostly raw)! And I'm so glad to be raising them vegan.

Lana, thank you. I know that bookshops will have to re-establish their orders, but I'm actually not sure about individual orders. Let me check with my publisher, and get back to you as soon as I know!