Saturday, October 01, 2011

Happiness is

Fresh basil growing in your front yard, in October.

Giving away most of what you own, and creating a lending library at your local coffee shop.

Tropical fruit salad, in romaine leaves.

Opening a package with fifteen pounds of fresh, organic dates. (Of course, you immediately dig in and devour a pound, with a little help from the kids!)

Happy Autumn. I hope you're finding its joys everywhere.


Chef E said...

You have a beautiful blog, great pictures and amazing recipes!

Joy said...

Thank you--and thanks for reading!

Eileen said...

Great post! Did you mail order the dates? I haven't found a good local source where I am.

Joy said...

Thanks Eileen. Yes, the dates pictured here are from Bautista Family Farms:
and delivery is included in the price. I also order from The Date People, although their availability is more seasonal and they only ship at certain times of the year.

Both are fresh, organic, and family-owned, and I recommend them highly!