Sunday, March 06, 2011

Vegan for Lent

Introducing Vegan for Lent: A Guide to 40 Days of Plant Based Eating.

This e-book has everything you need to eat vegan for the Lenten season, including over 50 recipes, full menus for Sunday Feasts, ingredient guides, and daily scripture meditations.

Download and distribute it as you like; the guide is free and available to all. Just click here:

Special thanks to the amazing Ron Tienzo for his speedy and competent design skills. Imagine a tall Filipino hunched over a computer, doing page layout while wrangling a teething infant and letting a three-year-old smear him with food. This is my new standard for male hotness.

Thanks also to Art Heffron, for several beautiful food photographs featured in the guide.

If you're not up for eating vegan, but still want to shift your food habits, try the following to make a difference in your body and in our world:

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Lots more. Focus on adding greens, smoothies, and fresh fruit, and there won't be as much room for less desirable stuff. Your body will feel amazing, and it's easy to do: have a salad with dinner, add a green smoothie to your afternoon snack, or take a bunch of ripe bananas along to work.

Eat less meat. Skip the unsustainable free-range and grass-fed options, and simply consume less. Cows are the largest contributor to Co2 emissions, and every animal raised for food uses water and creates pollution. If everyone on the planet decreased their meat consumption by even one third, we would conserve a staggering amount of resources. And in a world where people die of famine, saving land and water could mean saving lives.

Give up dairy. Want to clear your skin, simplify your digestion, and prevent ear infections in your children? Quit the milk, yogurt, and cheese (or replace them with vegan versions), and you'll see a dramatic improvement in your health. And if you care about animals, giving up dairy is probably the kindest thing you can do.

2012 Update: The latest version of the guide is available here.

Friday, March 04, 2011


Like all good cooks, I have a few different things brewing. And like all good bakers, I want to share them.

First, I've been terribly slow to post, because I've been spending time over at one thousand less, ridding my life of earthly possessions. It's been really fun and fairly transformative losing a thousand things from my household, and it is addictive! I never thought minimalism would become a hobby (well, I might have had an idea), but there it is.

Next, Lent. You know, the time of year some of us quit chocolate, caffeine, media...

But traditionally, this 40-day period of fasting was observed by abstaining completely from animal products. Today, many Orthodox denominations continue this ancient practice. To encourage more of us to eat vegan for Lent, I've created a 40-day companion, Vegan for Lent. This guide is full of recipes, menu ideas, and lots more. It features restaurant suggestions specific to the Denver area, but can easily be used by anyone wishing to observe Lent in this way. Vegan for Lent will be available this Sunday, March 6. It's free. It's easy. Download and distribute it as you like.

Also, a quick cookbook update.

I'll post more details next week, but the short of it is that Cook, Eat, Thrive will be done this spring--with possible availability then--and in the larger bookshops this fall. In the meantime, I'll continue to post plenty of recipes from the book. If the project is delayed, you might as well have as many recipes as possible, right? I hope you enjoy them, and the book as a whole.