I'm a mother, writer, believer, adventurer, minimalist, and yoga enthusiast. Whether working as a pastry cook, hosting community brunches, or crafting wedding cakes, I love bringing people together through food. When not in the kitchen, you can find me on a plane or yoga mat, picking fruit with my children (and climbing the trees), or creating practices to help people grow.

For the technical bits: A graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary. Used to work in publishing at World Vision International. Served with a community building organization, did outreaches all over the world, and volunteered with refugees in the US. Founded Living Tree Yoga, a Christ-centered urban studio. Love to sing, and do all day. Learned to meditate at 5, played the accordion at 8, became vegan at 26. Had a baby in my bathtub. What can I say? Life is best when it's full.

I live with an amazing family of wild, compassionate nomads in Denver, Los Angeles, and all over the world. Welcome.

I also do consulting for organizations and individuals. If you want to hire me, use the contact page.